Parliamentary Secretary for Trade consults local Bendigo exporters on business outlook

Media release

29 April 2013

Parliamentary Secretary for Trade The Hon Kelvin Thomson is in Bendigo today for two days of talks with local industry representatives and exporters.

As part of the Trade Outreach Program Mr Thomson will visit a number of businesses which have benefited from the Government's Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) scheme, which helps exporters with some of the marketing expenses incurred in the development of overseas markets.

Bendigo is a major contributor to the Loddon Mallee South Region, with Gross Regional Product (GRP) estimated at A$5 billion. The manufacturing sector, as well as food, mining, financial and insurance services are big exporters.

"As we compete in the Asian Century, Australia's future prosperity relies more than ever on ingenuity, innovation and drive," Mr Thomson said.

"Exporting brings jobs and security to the local community here in Bendigo, helping support its long-term economic viability.

"I congratulate these companies for their efforts to secure our future by tapping into overseas markets".

Mr Thomson's Bendigo Trade Outreach Program includes visits and meetings with:

  • Australian Turntable Company
  • Regional business representatives including City of Bendigo, Bendigo Business Council, Australian Industry Group, Export Finance Insurance Corporation, Enterprise Connect and Victorian Employment Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Munari Wines
  • EV Olives
  • B & B Basil
  • Keech Castings
  • Kluwell Publications
  • VEA (video-based multimedia resources)

EMDG grants, administered by Austrade, encourage small and medium-sized firms to tackle global markets by reimbursing up to 50 per cent of eligible export promotion expenses.

EMDG recipients in Bendigo last year included:

  • Southern Cross Feeds Pty Ltd $8,931
  • D A Int Pty Ltd $37,392
  • Davidson Brothers H.J. Davidson and L.A. Davidson $19,260
  • Keech Castings $53,661
  • The Edge $5,602
  • Total grants paid to recipients in Bendigo $124,846

This year the Federal Government will also fund Austrade's new Asian Century Business Engagement plan, providing grants of up to $300,000 to business organisations to help their members integrate with Asian markets.

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