MINISTER FIERRVANTI-WELLS: Well, last year the Governor General was at Bomana for the 75th anniversary of the Kokoda campaign. At Bomana there were also visits by the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader to commemorate this event. Yesterday's dawn service in Papua New Guinea was attended by our High Commissioner, the PNG Governor General was a special guest; he laid a wreath along with other PNG Ministers. Now, of course we're proud to represent Australia at ANZAC Day ceremonies all over the Pacific. There are many, many, many commemorations in the Pacific during, on and around ANZAC Day. As you can appreciate we obviously have representatives as much as we can. Now, of course commemorations for ANZAZ Day in the Pacific are usually DFAT lead and wherever possible we try and have a good commemoration. It may be simple, but it nevertheless it is a commemoration. I know from having travelled across the Pacific that ANZAC Day and respect for the contributions that we make and we have made and the New Zealanders have made alongside our Pacific friends, is very important. Therefore, I appreciate Charlie's [Charlie Lynn's] sentiment but the reality is that ANZAC Day is commemorated in many different places in the Pacific at various ceremonies.

BRUCE HILL: And this year you were in Palau, which is not a usual place you associate with ANZAC Day. What was that like?

MINISTER FIERRVANTI-WELLS: It was lovely. We had a very simple ceremony here, but nevertheless a ceremony which was attended, as I said, by the Vice President. Also, of course, we forget that often different parts of the Pacific also suffered as a consequence of war. Indeed here during the Second World War we also had the battle here of Peleliu, which was one of the battles here. Palau has very interesting and a long history with occupation by various countries over the years. 

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