I utterly condemn the Greens for using the joint Australian and Tasmanian Government response to the independent review of the Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) to attack the Tasmanian tourism industry.

We all know it has long been the Greens policy to completely shut down the forest industry and they will stoop to any level to achieve this aim.

Tasmanians are sick and tired of Greens attacks on jobs and growth in this state.

Dr Glen Kile is one of Australia's most eminent forest scientists and I trust his review over the opinion of the Greens and a Greens activist any day.

The independent review confirms that Tasmania has some of the best managed forests in the world and a comprehensive, adequate and representative forest reserve system.

They are one of our most sustainable and renewable resources as demonstrated by recent Green attempts to attack harvesting in regrowth forests. This action indeed confirms the sustainability and the quality of our forestry industry.

The conclusion of the review allows us to now begin the process of making the RFA a twenty year rolling agreement in line with our 2013 election commitment.

Tasmanians are tired of the Green's confused and contradictory anti-jobs arguments and actions.

We all know that Bob Brown will say anything, at any point in time, to support his campaign. After all, it was Bob Brown who called for the construction of coal fired power stations in the Fingal Valley when he was campaigning against Tasmania's renewable energy system.

The tourism industry and forestry have coexisted for years and can continue to do so. In fact, many of Tasmanian tourism attractions are in fact forestry based and/or use forestry roads.

Tasmania's primary industries are brilliant innovators and have showed great skill in managing the balance between natural resource use and the environment.

Tasmanians are sick and tired of the greens attacking their livelihoods, they attack the forest industry, they attack the salmon industry, they attack the dairy industry and now they are attacking one of our most successful sectors in tourism.

The Turnbull Government is looking to create a balanced economy for Tasmania that provides jobs and growth opportunities for our local communities.

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