Good morning everybody and congratulations for taking the opportunity to participate in this Walkabout event, but also, importantly as part of our Indonesia Australia Business Week.

We have found that these forums are really useful platforms in developing relationships, building business contacts and the opportunity to grow markets in each of our countries. We see that as a really important part of the growth and development of the relationship between our trading partners, but particularly here in Indonesia.

Indonesia is a really, very important local partner and we have the opportunity to significantly build a long-standing relationship that really I think has the opportunity to be developed into a much deeper and more significant relationship.

And so the opportunity to build people-to-people links through the tourism industry is a really positive one and so with all of those of you who are here today displaying the fantastic wares of Australia, but also those who are buyers from Indonesia, the opportunity to see what’s available and in some cases very, very unique and boutique businesses that are here in Indonesia to display what’s happening at a very local level. And that provides a genuine and unique experience of what might be available in Australia and I think that is one of the things we have the opportunity to develop.

But also the opportunity for us as Australians to see and grow our appreciation of this country, the unique experiences here and we know that a million Australians come to Indonesia on an annual basis. A lot of those go to Bali but there are a whole range of new opportunities for us to experience here in this country too and I think that’s a fantastic opportunity as far as people to people development and the business opportunities to be developed over this week.

One of the things that we are very, very keen as a government to do is to ensure, as I said before, that Australia and Indonesia have a deep and enduring and instinctive relationship, one that’s perhaps a little less reactionary, but one that is very very important to both of our countries but importantly to our partnership within the region.

We both have really important roles to play in this part of the world and so the opportunity for Australians to come to Indonesia to meet people and to see the wonderful things that exist here, but also for the market from Indonesia to Australia to continue to grow. And so those of you who are here from Australia, making the investment to come to this Walkabout event, I really do congratulate you for taking that opportunity.

Just having a look around at the various stands, there’s a huge range of different experiences from Australia which is just fantastic. Whether it’s a wildlife park, where there is those warm and furry and friendly things that might like to be patted, but also whale watching, or some of the brilliant experiences in outback Australia.

So congratulations for being here, I really hope that the week is fruitful for you and certainly hope that it helps to build that relationship between our two countries which I think is so important. Congratulations everybody and it’s good to see such a terrific turn out here and I look forward to catching up with you a little bit more and having a talk about our individual offerings and perhaps scoping out some opportunities for myself for the rare time off that I get.

So thanks very much and congratulations again for being here.

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