Thanks Ros and to Will [Hodgman], my Parliamentary colleagues, Amanda-Sue [Markham] - it is really delightful to be here today to be part of this launch. It actually materialises from what the Prime Minister talked about when he launched our Innovation Statement just before Christmas – he wanted to see the R&D that Australia is such a leading player in globally starting to be commercialised and to be providing benefits for our own Australian industries.

I’ve been talking for a considerable period of time now about how the use of data is going to be the next productivity gain in agriculture here in Australia. And here, coming off the back of some of the great work that Ros did as part of the Sense-T programme at the University of Tasmania, we’re starting to see that materialise.

The fact that we’ve got a grant coming from the broader innovation programme that was received only in November last year, and we are now seeing results on the ground for our agriculture industry, for our fisheries sector, is a clear demonstration of what the Prime Minister talked about when he wanted to see our R&D commercialised.

It’s absolutely fantastic that that $1 million has attracted a partnership with Bosch of another $2.5 million investment, which actually boosts our R&D and our commercialisation at the leading edge internationally of what we can see in the next range of products and productivity gain in our primary industries.

It is really important that we actually understand and recognise that as part of the competitive edge for Australia and Tasmania. So it’s an absolute delight for me to be here today Ros, to congratulate you on what you have achieved and on the partnerships that you are developing so that we can continue to see Australia but also Tasmania at the leading edge internationally of the next productivity gains for our primary industries.

It is so important that having opened up the new markets that we have through free trade agreements that we’ve negotiated over the last couple of years, that we actually have the capacity to deliver our high quality, safe food products into those markets. To know that already the work that you’ve done is providing those productivity gains into those businesses and they are already seeing those productivity gains is what is really exciting.

The fact that our small investment, our $1 million investment is leveraging traditional investment but also providing productivity gains is really exciting. I look forward to the continuation of that sort of progress through continuing partnerships and relationships.

So congratulations to you Ros, Bosch and The Yield on what you are doing because it demonstrates exactly what the Prime Minister said that he wanted to see when he launched the Innovation Statement before Christmas. To see those results come so quickly is really quite exciting – so congratulations.

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