Ethiopia peace process

  • Media Release

After two years of devastating conflict, the 2 November 2022 African Union-brokered peace agreement offers the Ethiopian people an opportunity to achieve enduring and lasting peace.

Three months after this landmark accord, Australia recognises the progress made on implementing the agreement, including the resumption of humanitarian aid and government services, and the progress on disarmament.

The African Union’s considerable efforts to broker the peace agreement and support its implementation, demonstrate its enduring commitment to peace and security for all on the continent.

We encourage all parties to the conflict to continue working together to fulfill the terms of the agreement.

In particular, we urge parties to work to remove barriers to humanitarian assistance reaching all parts of northern Ethiopia. The withdrawal of Eritrean forces from Ethiopian territory and of all Amhara militia from Tigray is vital for the peace agreement’s success.

We recognise there is significant work ahead as Ethiopia enters a process of reconciliation, including accountability for perpetrators of human rights abuses and justice for victims.

We continue to encourage all parties to the conflict to seize this opportunity to create a lasting peace for the benefit of all Ethiopians.

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