Targeted sanctions in response to human rights violations in Myanmar and Iran

  • Joint media release with:
  • Senator the Hon Penny Wong, Minister for Foreign Affairs

The Australian Government is imposing targeted financial sanctions and travel bans on individuals responsible for egregious human rights abuses in Myanmar, as well as sanctions on entities enabling the repression of its people.

The Government is also imposing additional sanctions on Iranian individuals and entities over abhorrent abuses of human rights.

Sanctioned individuals include 16 members of the Myanmar military regime’s governing State Administration Council (SAC), as key individuals directly responsible for the coup d’état two years ago today.

Two Myanmar military controlled entities, Myanmar Economic Public Holdings Ltd (MEHL) and Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC), will also be subject to targeted financial sanctions.

Over the past two years Australia, ASEAN and international partners have repeatedly called on the Myanmar regime to engage in constructive dialogue and find a peaceful and durable resolution to the ongoing crisis.

Despite these calls, the regime has continued its anti-democratic actions against the people of Myanmar, including violence and recent steps targeting opposition voices.

The military regime has responded violently to any form of political expression, including peaceful protests. There is evidence thousands of civilians, including children, have been jailed, tortured, or killed.

Australia will continue to closely monitor the regime’s actions. We will be looking to see improvements for people on the ground and moves towards the restoration of democracy, including credible elections.

In this context, we will continue to keep our targeted sanctions toward Myanmar under review.

Australia strongly supports ASEAN’s leadership as a key element in responding to the Myanmar crisis. 

The Australian Government is also imposing Magnitsky-style sanctions on 16 Iranian individuals and one Iranian entity.

Among those subject to Magnitsky-style human rights sanctions are the Basij Cooperative Foundation, and senior law enforcement, political and military figures – including those within the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) – involved in the violent crackdown on protests following the death of Mahsa ‘Jina’ Amini and the continued oppression of the people of Iran.

Additionally, Australia is joining partners to impose additional targeted financial sanctions on four Iranian individuals and four entities involved in the production and supply of drones to Russia.

Iranian-made drones have been used by Russia to target Ukrainian civilians and civilian infrastructure.

Australia stands with the people of Myanmar, the people of Iran and with the people of Ukraine.

We employ every strategy at our disposal towards upholding human rights – ranging from dialogue and diplomacy to sanctions – consistent with our values and our interests.

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