AIYD 2023 — Australia India Youth Dialogue

  • Speech, pre-recorded

G'day and Namaskar.

Welcome to the 2023 Australia India Youth Dialogue.

For more than a decade, AIYD has provided a space for young leaders from Australia and India to connect.

To exchange ideas and perspectives, and develop new ways to advance our bilateral relationship and address regional and global problems.   

And most importantly, to make lifelong friendships.

The India-Australia relationship has never been stronger, and people to people connections are a vital part of this deepening friendship.

AIYD this year will focus on “global megatrends”, including how artificial intelligence and future industries will impact on the Australia-India bilateral relationship.

For me, the most interesting global mega trend is the growing importance of young people.

The sheer number of young people in India – and growing young populations across South Asia and the Indo-Pacific – present many opportunities.

Opportunities to shape our region. To drive innovation and economic growth. To expand transnational cultural exchanges and connections between technologically connected people.

But these demographic trends also present a range of challenges.

Young people need education. They need jobs. They need a voice in the institutions of power in our society.

Because young people won't just face the long-term consequences of how the mega trends you are discussing will unfold in the future.

They also need to play a key role in shaping these trends today.

AIYD is a great way for you to build relationships with peers and to join an alumni network that is shaping these mega trends across both of our countries.

A network of Ministers, founders, social entrepreneurs – even Olympians!

It is a powerful experience, but most of all, AIYD can be a lot of fun. I know I had an amazing time as a delegate, and I hope you do too.

So, all the best to all of you in your first AIYD experience – I look forward to seeing you at future alumni events!

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