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PacificAus Sports Partnership

Greg Clark: Well, it was a big announcement at Parliament House in Canberra on Tuesday. The Australian Government and Rugby Australia launched phase two of the PacificAus Sport partnership. It's a partnership that will benefit both the Drua men and women, as well as other Fiji representative and pathways teams. The day started with politicians and players engaging in a game of Tri Tag Rugby. Wallaby-great Senator David Pocock still looks in great shape, while the Australian Minister for the Pacific, Pat Conroy, he was in a very competitive mood, really getting amongst it all. Mr. Conroy is a huge supporter of the PacificAus Sport partnership and what it does for Fiji and the Pacific region.

Minister for International Development and the Pacific, Pat Conroy: Absolutely. Well, sport brings the Pacific together and there's no greater exhibit of that than the love of rugby union. Wherever I travel around the Pacific, whether it's Samoa or Fiji or Tonga, there's a great love for rugby union. And so, it's a great day for us to be announcing the continuation of the partnership between the Australian Government and Rugby Australia to support Pacific rugby. I'm proud that we sponsored the Samoan team in the Rugby World Cup. That's PacificAus Sport. I'm proud that we're the major sponsor for the Fiji Drua and the Fiji women's teams. That brings the whole region together.

Greg Clark: How much enjoyment do you get out of seeing not only the Fijiana women- Drua, you know, win back to back, but also the men getting into the playoffs for the first time in just their second year last year?

Minister Conroy: Absolutely. It's great. And I gee up my New Zealand colleagues because the Drua, which is being supported by Australia, is going really well. I think people are still landing on the model for Moana Pasifika, but they'll get there as well. I think it's really important that they're competitive. And it's not just those two teams, I think more than 50 per cent of players, rugby players at elite level in Australia are of Pasifika heritage and that really brings that diaspora together and it's the great ambassadors for both Australia and the countries their families originally came from.

Greg Clark: You're going to be watching the Waratahs play the Drua in Lautoka in March as well, who are you supporting?

Minister Conroy: Prime Minister Rabuka has invited me over, so I'm hoping to get over there. Not sure yet. And I will be going for the Drua. I'll let you in to a little secret. I'm a Brumbies fan. I just was inspired by when they came into the comp and the spirit they played in. So, quite frankly, unless New South Wales are playing Queensland I'm going for their opponents.

Greg Clark: Okay, thanks for everything you're doing. Thank you.

Minister Conroy: Thanks, Greg.

Greg Clark: Let's hope Minister Conroy can make it to Lautoka for the doubleheader, the Drua men and women playing the Waratahs in week four. And that's about it for another week of Drua talk. We'll be back again next week and every week during the season. All the best to the Fijian Drua in the battle of the Pacific against Moana-Pasifika on Saturday, 6:00 p.m Fiji time. Thanks for your company. I'm Greg Clark.

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